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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simplicity 3640

Its been so cold lately that I needed to make myself some warm clothes. Since I lost all the weight I feel the cold terribly. So I purchased simplicity 3640.

I started with a size 10 pattern in the jacket for the chest and tapered out to a 12 on the waist and hips. I shortened the sleeves a little as well. On the pants I started with the 12 at the waist and drew out on the hip to where a size 14 would be down to the hem. In most patterns there is a lot of ease and a 12 is a good fit but this pattern is a very close fit so I had to add the extra. I also had to shorten the legs by about 4cm. When cutting the jacket I cut the hood lining in some leftover lining fabric I had kept. I have made the jacket in a navy blue fleecy that was left over from school clothes made for the children and I have started to make this pattern in brown fleecy that my sister gave me. Out of the brown fleecy I was able to cut 1 jacket and 2 of the pants. I also embroidered a design on the brown jacket.
Shows the stabilized shoulder (stay tape) and the back of the embroidery. Also the stretch tape I used to cover the stitching on the neck joining the hood. The lining is leftover from another project and its sunsilky. On the second pair of pants I also embroidered some of the designs on the lower half of the right leg.

I am happy with the completed outfit and I plan to make it again but with a collar on the jacket instead of the hood. I think this pattern is now a TNT and will be used many more times.

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