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Monday, June 29, 2009

Burda Jacket and Top

Burda 11-2008-102b

I made the jacket to the pattern except I didn't add the belt.

The description in the Burda magazine "This elegant jacket is absolutely loaded with fabulous features-inverted box pleats and broad cuffs provide for the puffy sleeve effect, the waist is highlighted by a buckled belt while the wavy hem-edge looks like a very feminine peplum!"

I traced off the size 38 pattern. I shortened the bodice for length across the chest near the armhole notch by 1cm and under the arm, taking out 2cm in length from the front and the back pattern peices. I shortened the sleeves by 2cm. Made a toile to check the fit and didn't do any more alterations to the pattern though now in retrospect I should have altered the width across the chest as it is a little wide in the shoulders.

The fabric is from spotlight. It wasn't very expensive and I think it is an acrylic/wool mix. With not a lot of wool. This jacket is not lined.

I read the instructions through before commencing this project and found them ok except when I got to the collar application. I read this part of the instructions a few times before I understood what was required.

I like this jacket, it looks really good with straight skirts and pants. I don't think I'll make this pattern again though as I can't see the need for more than one and there are so many more patterns I want to try.

Burda 11-2008-103b

The burda description, "Finest elastic jersey comfortably jugs your figure, a pretty dotted print and empire waistline add fashion fair. The plunging neckline adds a sexy eyecatcher and perfect for showing off one of the latest over-sized necklaces!

I used my usual size 36 in the shoulders and traced out to a 38 for width from the bust down. Shortened the sleeves by 2cm. I didn't make a toile for this top.

The fabric was purchased in spotlight. Its a black/teal/white polyester knit?

As usual I read the instruction through first. This top was quick and easy to make and a great wardrobe builder.

I will make this pattern again in the spring with short sleeves.

I still want to make a few more of the patterns in this magazine as there are a lot of nice designs in this issue. 104a,117 and I like the childrens fashions for my granddaughter, possibly 121 as I have not tried the burda pant patterns as yet and I have read that the fit is really good.


Sharon said...

Love the colour of the jacket and the fit looks excellent. The top looks fantastic and looks like it will work for both winter and summer.

Meg said...

jacket looks fantastic!

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

love that jacket you are tooo clever.
I have some mags to lend you,Will have to see you soon.

sandra said...

Gorgeous jacket - I have had this one earmarked for ages and haven't even gotten around to tracing it off. Nice to see what it looks like made up.
BTW I have just tagged your blog with an award over at my blog, hope this is OK!