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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New dress

This is the design of a new dress that I have wanted to make. Its a very simple design and I thought that it would look good and be cool on hot days as well as be quick to make. I have chosen an Orange printed polyester fabric that I got from the Remnant Warehouse.

It wasn't a hard design to draft but I had to think about how the back was drafted and also getting rid of the darts in the front skirt. I don't know if the draft is technically correct but it worked and thats all I care about. The plan below shows what I did to the draft much better than I could describe it.

I lined this dress with a stretch knit lining and centred a zipper in the back. I think the dress turned out rather nice and its comfortable and cool. This fabric does crease easily but that doesn't matter too much.

This dress has also been made in a Polyester georgette and lined with sunsilky polyester lining. I used an invisible zipper in the back of this one. For now I wont make this pattern again but I have kept it for possible future use. The brown dress is still to be hemmed but is otherwise finished.

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Jules said...

very nice i like the brown best lol
you are a clever cookie.