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Saturday, February 9, 2008

New summer dress

Just before christmas I made a summer dress pattern for myself. I made the dress up in an apricot/khaki coloured Yorfu Italian cotton that I purchased on Ebay.

The fabric made up nice and I have since made the dress in a blue floral fabric.

I am trying to improve my sketches so I started a journal. I couldn't draw very well when I first started and have improved quite a lot and I am hoping to continue to improve with a lot more practice.

I would like to be able to draw the designs as I see them. I still can't always put down on paper what I see.

I would like to make this dress once more in a black fabric with appliqued flowers around the hem. The apricot/khaki dress had to be completely lined in cotton voile as it was a little sheer and when I made the blue floral dress I added 4cm flare to each quarter of the skirt and I moved the princess dart towards the armhole by 1.5cm so it would cover the bra strap.

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