12 Jackets/Coats in 2011

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fabrics from Linton Tweeds

One week ago I ordered and sent a cheque to Lintondirect and to my surprise my fabrics arrived today only one week after sending the cheque. The fabrics are beautiful, not just in color but in quality and I look forward to making them up. Here is a photo of what I ordered.

The black wool crepe will be a pair of pants. The blue wool crepe will be a skirt and the checked fabric will be a jacket. The jacket will be made like a Chanel jacket and I will use the techniques that were in the threads magazines as well as what I have learned elsewhere.

This week I am working on the khaki travellon skirt and Jacket. I will also cut out the red and the white blouses using the pattern I made for the pink satin blouse but cutting it longer.

Swap no.s

4 out of 6 tops completed

2 out of 4 bottoms completed

0 out of 1 jacket completed

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