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Friday, June 29, 2007

Pink Satin Blouse

Pink satin blouse is nearly finished.

Here is the plan of the blouse.

The satin is a polyester in a warm pink color. The pattern turned out really well. I didn't make a toile of this garment first as I felt that it was right. I made the blouse short from the waist down, 13.5cm from the waist at centre front and 11cm at the side seam. Centre back was shortened 1.5cm more with a sway back adjustment. Ease added was 1cm at waist and hip side seams. I wanted this blouse to be a nice fit. The fit when I tried on the blouse is perfect, I will make this blouse again as is and I will also cut it longer in length.

This photo shows pinning and cutting. I added seam allowances as I cut the blouse.

This shows the completed pattern.

The blouse so far.

The hem is only basted so far I still need to do the machine hem. I have not done the buttonholes and buttons yet either.
I have tried on the blouse and the fit is good. Though satin show every wrinkle and the darts. I think that the next satin blouse I make I will not have side bust darts as think it would look better without them. Every time I make a design and pattern I learn more, which is what its all about.
I have ordered fabrics from Linton Direct UK to make a Chanel style jacket, skirt and pair of trousers.
Jacket and skirt in Khaki colored travellon has been cut out and I have started sewing.

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