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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Madeleines pirate costume

Maddie had an invitation to go to a birthday party where she needed a pirate costume. This is the design we came up with. She wanted pants and I wanted her to wear a skirt, she got the pants. I drafted the patterns and the fit was perfect. I didnt have time to make a toile to check the design but it all turned out ok. The pants are made of a suede like fabric and the bodice is made from cotton velveteen left over from a dressing gown that I made for Constanze when she was little.

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Jules said...

you alaways were a clever bunny Lorelle,the clothes are just magnificent as are the gorgous kids you make lol.I adore the formal wear she looked like a princess and the pirate costume is superb.I havent even packed the groceries away amd i had to peek