12 Jackets/Coats in 2011

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Pattern

I received some new patterns in yesterday's post. This one McCalls 6035 I can't wait to try.

I can see this shirt pattern being made more than once. I really like the design of this shirt and am hoping I have time to start tracing and altering the pattern for fit this afternoon.

McCalls 6040http://www.mccallpattern.com/item/M6040.htm?search=6040&page=1 is another of the patterns in this order. I can see this as a jacket to wear around at home. McCalls 5191http://www.mccallpattern.com/item/M5191.htm?search=5191&page=1 is also in this order. As I dont have many casual jackets this may come in handy. V1136, M6039, V7975 and M6018 were the other patterns in this order. All of which I have plans for.

I am expecting the Marfy 2010/11 catalogue to arrive this week.

Lots of alterations done lately and a little sewing for myself. Now to trace of 6035.

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