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Monday, November 20, 2006

SWAP and sewing jobs

After reading Australian Stitches Vol 14 No 7 I have decided to try swap. It will be fun and I might actually get a wardrobe a wearable clothes out of it. I have only 3 sewing jobs to finish off and I have not taken on any more work so I wont be so short of time and I know my family dosn't like me taking in work. Children 1,6,7 and 8 have asked me to make some things for them, so I know I will have plenty to do. Much more fun than doing housework.

I have started looking at designs and colours of fabrics. As yet I havn't decided what I will make or what colours. I will go through the fabric stash first and see what I can use. I thought it would be easier to choose designs and fabrics and harder to find the time to sew but its not easy to decide on what to make. Hopefully I can work on swap after I cut out the formal gown today.

Had a fitting yesterday with the lady I'm making the pants for. The fitting went well. I need to lower the back crotch a little and taper the legs, other than that the draft turned out really well.

I am pleased with the formal gown as well. The fit is great. This is the first pattern I have had to make and grade up to get a good fit. Will post photos soon.

This is the young lady wearing her formal gown during a fitting.

The lining and the tulle underskirts had not been attatched at this stage. I also put stiffened tape into the hem. The sleeves are tulip sleeves and I stitched lace edging around the lower edge of the sleeves as well as on the front neckline.

This photo shows the lace on the front neckline of the gown. I cut the edging off the lace and sewed it by hand to the neckline of the gown. I did the same thing to the tulip sleeves.

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